Learn French™ App Reviews

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Extremely useful

This app is amazing . Its method of teaching makes easy for the users. Keep up the good work.

Thank you

I have a lot of the language apps and I have to say that they made it fun and easy to learn. From colours to sayings. So thank you


Great and easy. Already speaking French.


Very good french app


1C819A3BD4 Been wanting to learn a new language for awhile. Never heard the French language until I heard Pentatonixs version of Stromaes song Papaoutai. I fell in love with the language and had to learn it. This app only gives you the first 3 lessons before you have to review it to get the first 12. Still have to buy the later ones Im sure. Overall the set up is simple but its easy to understand.


Great app help learn new language liked the memorize section


A convenient supplement to whatever means you are using to learn French


Helpful little program

Doesnt work

As soon as I got this app and try it it didnt work there were no sound @ all I got upset cause thats not how app show work they should actually pre douse sound especially the ones who translating other languages


This game rocks


Easy to use and I learned words and meaningS rapidly.


What a thorough tool! Encouraging too! Im really pleased with the interface and variety of exercises. Bravo!

So far, so good

Seems easy to learn. Hope it helps me pass my adult school French class!

Decent app

Good app. Not the best but has a lot of words to learn and has pictures.

Great Vocabulary

This is nice because it had so much useful vocabulary. I used to speak French fairly fluently, and am using it to awake the language inside. Very basic! Love that it was free!

Great app

Really useful!


Good to start with vocabulary and listenning


Easy to start and follow. Just started, it is mostly repetitious . Well see how it helps fluency.

Language Learners

Great app for French language learners!! Thank you for all of the effort and originality!!

Great App

Love this app! Very helpful and easy to use!

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